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The project “Dialogue among people cultures, through the UNESCO World cultural, natural and intangible Heritage” is a cultural proposal that aims to bring together young people from different countries and to unite them in an intercultural collaboration.


The project seeks to involve young people in the protection and highlighting of cultural, natural and intangible Heritage and to encourage their participation in the decision making process for proposing monuments to become part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The countries involved are Greece, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, and Tunisia, The participants aged 13-30, totally 60 (10 per each country), will be accompanied by 12 leaders ( 2 per each country). Before the period of mobility young people will work in groups to prepare presentations of UNESCO World Heritage sites of their country.

Also they will prepare a Cultural Evenings dedicated to their country’s intangible heritage that may include folk music, dances, role-playing performances, storytelling and traditional games. Moreover, each participant will gather information for a historical site of his/her choice to be proposed and examined for UNESCO World Heritage sites list inclusion.

During the period of mobility that will take place in Corinth, Greece, young participants will present to their fellows UNESCO World Heritage of their countries, will perform Cultural Evenings dedicated to each participant country, and all together will play traditional games.

To be included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, sites must be of outstanding universal value and meet at least one out of ten selection criteria. Young participants will work together to examine the criteria for the proposed sites and finally will prepare presentations for sites to be included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

The proposals will be presented during the conference “World Heritage and Youth” during the period of mobility, where experts in the field will present issues related to World Heritage and the role of young people.

Having as a central axis the European cultural diversity, the project also includes interactive activities related to cultural rights education and European multiculturalism.

Finally young participants will visit several UNESCO World Heritage sites in Greece where with cooperation of the respective staff will be organized many interactive learning activities.

After the period of mobility, each country will organize a small-scale local event to present the proposed sites to be included in UNESCO World Heritage List, as well as to disseminate the project results.

The project will involve young people on decision making process and will influence their local community to support young people’s cultural initiatives.

Inside the spirit of intercultural understanding, the project will promote solidarity among young people from different countries and will encourage them to shape Europe’s future where the differences are chances that inspires human creativity rather that obstacles to further integration.

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