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International Leaders Study Visit
Youth Work in Germany, Egypt and Tunisia
December 1st - 8th 2012 Germany
February 1st – 8th 2013 Egypt
March 18th – 25st 2013 Tunisia

In the beginning of 2011 the Arabic world changed dramatically. During the so-called “Arab Spring” the people and especially the youth of Tunisia and Egypt overthrew their reigning regimes calling for participation, social justice, economic development and an end to corruption.
The western world observed the changes with astonishment and empathy.
Meanwhile, young people in the western world occupied streets and places in Europe and America in order to protest against social injustice and the overwhelming power of the financial world.
As a result of the Arab Spring, a high interest can be noticed among young Germans and youth organizations in Europe concerning the changes and developments in Arab countries.
Simultaneously, young people in Tunisia and Egypt are looking for new ways of participating in their societies. Connecting both, they will have the possibility to exchange their ideas and ideals.
The program of the Study Visit is jointly organized by ijgd Magdeburg, IYDA and PADIL. This program is designed to make the participants familiar with a broad variety of methods from the field of the pedagogical, cultural and political youth work in an international context making mainly use of informal learning.
Aims and Objectives:
  • Learning about youth work in the participating countries;
  • Sharing experiences and working methods;
  • Fostering mutual understanding and knowledge;
  • Supporting networking and cooperation between the participants;
  • Enhancing the empowerment, participation and active citizenship of young people;
  • Presentation of European and national youth exchange programs (Youth in Action, EuroMed Youth program, IJFD, BFD);
  • Presentation of “Best Practice Projects”...
Program Content:
  • Presentation of the participants and their organizations;
  • Exploring youth work in Germany, Tunisia and Egypt;
  • Theoretical and practical input: Youth Empowerment through NGOs;
  • Meeting with youth organizations;
  • Meeting with political figures;
  • Practical application;
  • Networking: match-making and development of new projects;
  • Exploring volunteering opportunities.
Profile of Candidates:
The International Leaders Study Visit program is addressing youth workers, youth leaders and volunteers active, experienced and interested in international youth work from Tunisia, Egypt and Germany.
We also welcome people from other organizations than ijgd Magdeburg, IYDA and PADIL to join us.
  • Number of participants from each country: 6 from each organization.
  • To facilitate a fruitful communication, the participants should be good at English, the language our program will be held in.
  • Participants are expected to take part in all 3 follow-up meetings and in developing and presenting new projects. Furthermore each participant needs to hold a leading position in a NGO.
Dates and Location:
  1. Study Visit Germany:   December 1st - 8th 2012, Magdeburg, GERMANY.
  2. Study Visit Egypt:        Febuary 1st – 8th 2013, Cairo, EGYPT.
  3. Study Visit Tunisia:      March 18th – 25st 2013, Metline, TUNISIA.
Application Process:
Applications will be accepted until Oct. 15th 2012.
To apply for the course, please submit your current Curriculum Vitae and the completed application form (also available on
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For registration please contact: Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir.
Travel Costs:
International travel costs, visa costs, food & accommodation will be covered. Only an administration fee of 200TND to PADIL. Furthermore each participant will need to pay 350TND, which will be refunded in case of fully and active participation in the seminars in all three countries.
Funded by:
The German Office of Foreign Affairs.

Call for Participants

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